Qin Dynasty Proposal II.png
Flag of the Qin Dynasty
Full Name 秦朝

(Qin Dynasty)

Common Name Qin
Motto Greatest Power
Anthem Chinese Nostalrius Rap


Official Languages Mandarin
Capital Xianyang
Government Structure Absolute Monarchy
Head of State Dam Son
Head of Government Tiramisuu
Currency Yuan
Established November 2018
Area (core territory) 9,373 mi
Population (core territory) 82


The Qin Dynasty as a nation was formed on the 29th of November, 2018, but as an idea in of itself, Xianyang was founded November 1st, 2018, preceding the Qin Dynasty by 28 days and was prominent in the sphere of influence during the Golden Age of the Ming Dynasty, when it was at it's peak with approximately 4-5 towns at the time of the Qin's founding. As of the 15th of December, 2018, the Qin Dynasty boasts 82 members within 9 towns all in what would be considered China, and a vast network of roads & canals which all centrally connect up to the Capital of Xianyang. Because of previous raids by the Qin Dynasty's Special Forces, a coalition of predominantly European, African, and Latin American nations have banded together in opposition to the Qin's encroachment, aswell leading to the Qin being barred from the 2019 MCearth Olympics.


In the beginning, both Dynasty's acted united under one banner under the guarantee of a Dual-Monarchy, although this would not come to last. The sparking incident which broke apart the two Dynasty's began as the dispute of who would have the official Capital of the Empire. After diplomatic talks between the two Emperors over the course of three days, an agreement was reached which pitted the two disputing cities against eachother in a contest of PVP to settle the matter. Fearing for the worse; Emperor Aidan of the Ming Dynasty would go on to commission European mercenary's to guarantee there victory in the skirmish, this fact being the determining factor of the Qin severing all relations with the Ming, and declaring a period of conflict between the Dual Monarchy.

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